Trapes - A new Experience

5th January 2017

“To travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Anderson.

Travelling is one of the simplest and most innate instincts that we are imbibed with. We were born wanderers and we still yearn to be so. As much as domesticity gives us a sense of community and security, travelling helps unfurl the shackles we keep ourselves tied in. It helps us explore the thrill of being, meeting people who resonate with our sensibilities and treading roads that lead us to places that are familiar and strange, all at the same time!

We, as Trapes, wanted not only to share in that wonderful experience with you, but also desired to take it a notch higher to help you get the most out of your travels. Being an online portal that acts as a one-stop solution for everything that a traveller needs, we understand the struggles that one may come across on their journey that can dampen the entire essence of a trip.

Comprehending the needs of a traveller becomes easier and approachable when one is a traveller themselves. Trapes was started off by a group of ardent travellers who understand the needs and problems an average Indian traveller can face on the road. That basic place of comprehension, understanding and holistic analysis is what has sprung Trapes into being.

Travelling is a holistic yet variegated experience. Your needs differ according to the kind of trip you undertake. It could be a solo journey into the unknown, a fascinating road trip with your mates, a trip to the iconic places with the family or simply, a business meet that requires travelling to another place. In each one of those scenarios, your challenges and requirements on the road will differ. And this is where Trapes intends to champion you by providing to you customisation at its finest.

The Trapes cab services redefines travelling on the road. Travel agents in places like Delhi or Noida or anywhere else, barely take care of your needs in a holistic fashion. Having different types of cars that can cater to all kinds of travelling groups, the Trapes cab services really stands apart in terms of catering to personalised needs. From booking luxury tempo travellers to cheap outstation cabs, Trapes has got got your back. So whether you want a radio taxi in Delhi or an outstation cab for Uttarakhand, you can count on Trapes. But what’s more exciting is the add-on services that come with the cab services. They offer a variety of things that really make your journey out on the road more memorable and comfortable. If you’re travelling with family or anyone with special needs you can order the pram, baby carrier and wheelchair from the add-ons. This makes your travelling experience holistic and inclusive in nature. For when travelling with kids, they tend to get bored and fidgety on the road. You can order fun travelling games to keep them occupied, so that they can enjoy long journeys. When travelling with friends or alone, you may need travel gear. You can also select camping gear, haversacks and sleeping bags from the add-on facility to keep you going without skipping a beat. And for capturing those precious moments on the road, at the destination or you way back, you can also rent the selfie sticks the add-on facilities have for you.

What makes the entire experience with Trapes more commendable are the small, yet significant services that make your experience richer. With services like Collection at Door, which allows you to pay from your doorstep and Cashback that puts a rupee back in your wallet each kilometre you travel with Trapes, these really do add a wholesome and fine essence to your travelling.

Travelling should always be about making beautiful memories. The hassles that come with it should not be allowed to over-power the thrill and beauty of your trip. That’s where Trapes comes in and promises that you can just concentrate on making the memories. So check out this amazing new portal at and the next time you're planning a trip, you can book your outstation cabs online with Trapes.